Funding the Nanotechnology Revolution

NanoVC is a venture capital matchmaker for research and development startups exploring novel applications of nanotechnology in medicine, manufacture and elsewhere.  Our goal is to provide a springboard for aspiring nanotechnology research firms by helping them to connect with venture capital.

Nanotechnology is the future.  In medicine, computer science, material science and manufacture, nanotech has already produced immense advances.  And it’s all behind the scenes.  The real nanotechnology explosion is still to come, and will produce changes so extreme that they are impossible to foresee.

At NanoVC, we are passionate about nanotechnology.  By linking bright startups and high quality personnel with capital– not just any capital but capital specifically interested in nanotechnology and familiar with the potential– we feel that we are building the future.

By helping nanotechnology startups grow, we’re making the future brighter.

And bringing it sooner.